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Pies and pastries – our speciality!

We love everything about our pies – making them, trying them, seeing other people tuck in and enjoy them. In fact, we’re pretty fanatical.

We know there are others out there. But, of course, we think ours are better … and with good reason.

It’s not just because of our ingredients – all good quality meat, chicken and vegetables wrapped up in great flaky, crumbly, golden, melt in your mouth pastry.

Or the fact that we’ve been baking for over forty years – and really know to make a great pie.

We think it’s because we keep pushing ourselves to be delightfully different. And when we do – Premier Pepperoni Pizza slice, Premier Cheesy Bean slice, or Premier Firecracker Chilli & Cheese slice – boy, does it taste good!

We are proud to announce that we have developed a new range of premium pies, pasties and rolls, which we have called our ‘Premier’ range. The products are deliciously deep filled and have a ‘perfect crunch’ puff pastry lid with a melt in the mouth experience, and the best pastry in our 40-year history.
You can find these delicious pies, pasties and rolls in supermarkets and independent retailers. If you’re lucky, your local chip shop will even stock them – and if they don’t, ask them, ‘why not’?!