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Corned beef pasty – a national dish for Wales

The Scottish have haggis, the English have roast beef and the Germans have sauerkraut, now a campaign has begun that will stretch the length and breadth of Wales, to have the humble corned beef pasty recognised as a Welsh national dish.

A nationwide appeal, beginning at Caerphilly Castle and culminating at the Welsh Assembly, will seek to establish the home-grown savoury treat as the country’s latest icon.

Leading national pasty baker, Peter’s, is throwing its full weight behind the campaign, and calling for all proud Welsh foodies to recognise the pasty as an integral part of the nation’s cultural identity.

Clare Morgan, Marketing Controller for Peter’s, explains:

“For decades, millions of corned beef pasties have been eaten right across Wales, as a warm and filling lunchtime snack, or as part of a delicious, home-made evening meal. Beginning its life in the 40s and 50s as a tasty treat for the Welsh mining industry, the corned beef pasty is deeply rooted in Welsh history and tradition.”

“Peter’s has been baking corned beef pasties for over fifty years now, making this product an important part of both our company’s heritage, and the Welsh nation’s”, said Clare Morgan. “We want to seize this opportunity and get the public behind us in our mission to re-launch this traditional Welsh speciality with the iconic status it deserves.”

Peter’s will be petitioning for support throughout the country with a campaign that will include nationwide sampling in Tesco and Asda stores, an online ‘call to action’, and an attempt to win political backing at the Welsh Assembly.

Clare continues:

“With an increased national identity for the corned beef pasty, achieving our goal of making this delicious Welsh product a national dish would benefit a huge number of local producers. With the nation’s support, we intend to take the petition to the Welsh Assembly to help secure its new status, making this campaign a fantastic opportunity for the Welsh nation to stand up, celebrate a part of its heritage, and promote the importance of this iconic Welsh food.”

Peter’s Food Service Ltd began life as a small pie manufacturer, and today is one of Britain’s best-loved brands of pies, pasties, rolls and slices.

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