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Festive joy delivered to Homeless Centres in Newport & Cardiff

Wales’ premier pie-maker spread some extra seasonal goodwill this Christmas-time, delivering products jam-packed with its savoury delights to the Huggard Centre in Cardiff and Solas in Newport.

The centres – which are set up to provide support and help to people who are homeless and find it hard to maintain independent accommodation – houses a day centre and emergency bed unit as well as facilitating supported accommodation with dedicated support workers for tenants.

Speaking about Peter’s donation, Lee Badham who works for Huggard’s Outreach Service Cardiff said: “This is such a special time of year for most people but it’s easy to forget that there are those who really don’t have much to look forward to over the festive season. It can be a lonely time but we are here to offer support and show those who have found themselves without a home for whatever reason that there is help available.”

And Kelly Hill, project worker for Solas Newport said: “A gesture such as the one made by Peter’s goes a long way to bringing a bit of festive cheer to the place – and everyone loves a good pie! We’d like to thank Peter’s for their generous gift and continued support for our work.”

Owain Jones from Peter’s added: “The products are a simple gesture to help and support the continued good work at both the Huggard Centre and Solas. We are delighted to provide a selection of products to help them through the festive season, and if it puts a smile on peoples’ faces then that makes us very happy.”

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