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New packaging for Peter’s

Wales’s favourite pie maker Peter’s has refreshed the packaging of its traditional and premier range of pastries.

Peter’s worked with Welsh consumers in a series of research groups to hear what they liked about the iconic green packaging, and to determine the best ways to make it more modern and fresh.
Peter’s Marketing Director Clare Morgan said: “It was great to hear such positive feedback directly from consumers. They really liked the green colour of our packaging but felt it needed to be modernised. So, we did by using a lighter green colour giving it a modern fresh look.
“Consumers also thought it was important to emphasise the heritage of our pastries.”
Now, the traditional and premier range of pies, pasties, rolls and slices all feature a ‘Baked in Wales’ message, allowing more consumers to know where Peter’s is made.
The famous clear window still sits on the front of packs so Peter’s fans can see what they’re buying, along with an illustration of the pastry.
New packaging has already started to hit the supermarket shelves, so keep your eyes peeled!
In addition, a couple of pastries are now displayed under a new name.
As the Cornish Pasty has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, the former Peter’s Premier Cornish Pasty is now known as the Premier Beef and Vegetable Pasty.
Clare Morgan added: “Whilst re-designing the packaging of our Beef and Vegetable pasty, we thought it was the perfect time to review the recipe and make it even tastier for our consumers.
“Fans of the pastry can now expect more peppery notes, with just enough sweetness from the swede to compliment the minced beef, onion and potato flavours.”
In the Peter’s traditional range, the former Cornish Pasty is now called the Peter’s Traditional Pasty, with the same great flavour and taste.
Clare Morgan added: “We’re very proud of the Peter’s range, and hope our pastry fans continue to enjoy them as much as us.”

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