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One a penny, two a penny, Hot Cross … Pies?

Seventy million are sold every Easter, they come with a variety of flavourings and can be eaten hot or cold … but is the world ready for the Steak and Kidney Hot Cross Pie?

Whilst stores throughout the UK are filled with the sweet, spicy scents of Easter goods, Peter’s Pies, one of the UK’s leading bakers of pies, pasties, rolls and slices, has come up with a savoury twist on the seasonal treat.

Clare Morgan, Marketing Controller for Peter’s, explains:

“We were discussing just how many Easter products there were and particularly how many variations of the Hot Cross Bun were around. A tongue-in-cheek remark was made about a Hot Cross Pie and we decided to give it a go. We’re pretty sure this is the nation’s first ever authentic Hot Cross Pie.

“Although this is an online exclusive, we know that people are passionate about our pies so we’ve taken it very seriously. We’ve adapted our ‘perfect crunch’ puff pastry and maintained the same delicious deep fill from our award winning Steak and Kidney pie.”

And there’s a chance that the pies, which will be offered as part of a competition on the company’s website, may well become a regular feature for pie fans.

Clare Morgan said:

“There has already been a lot of interest in the Hot Cross Pie and I can fully understand it. There’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate Easter with some good traditional British food so the Peter’s Hot Cross Pie could well be back.”

Peter’s Food Service Ltd began life as a small pie manufacturer, and today is one of Britain’s best-loved brands of pies, pasties, rolls and slices.

With 10 distribution depots throughout the UK, Peter’s currently supplies 38 major sports stadia & arenas, as well as fast food outlets, fish bars, restaurants, cafes, independent retailers, schools, hospitals and hotels with a range of over 900 separate product lines.

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