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We’re changing our name to Dai’s Pies!

We’re thrilled to announce that our name is changing from ‘Peter’s Pies’ to ‘Dai’s Pies’!

Peter’s Managing Director Mike Grimwood said: ““On St David’s day, when we were feeling particularly patriotic, that’s when changing our company name hit us – ‘Dai’s Pies’. It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?”

“As most of our pie fans are called Dai, and 50% of our workforce, this new name is a personal tribute to all the pie lovers who support us.”

Dai’s Pies will launch new adverts starring local couple Dai and Mary Davies to celebrate the name change. In the adverts, Dai will play a pie obsessive who tries to hide his love for pies from his friends and family.

The adverts will showcase our new slogan, voiced by Dai’s wife Mary: “Oh Dai, don’t lie, you love a steak pie.”

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