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Our ranges

Peter’s have the winter warmers for you – we’re the pastry specialists with many hidden talents.

You may know us for our range of award winning pies, pasties sausage rolls and slices.

You may have heard (or tasted) our simply delightful new range of premium pastries. These are deliciously deep filled and have a ‘perfect crunch’ puff pastry lid with a melt in the mouth experience, and the best deep fillings in our 40-year history. We like to call them our ‘Premier’ range.

You’re probably aware that we are the pastry pioneers with ‘game changers’ like our hit Premier Cheesy Bean slice or Premier Firecracker Chilli & Cheese slice – boy, do they taste good!

However, there is another equally impressive side to Peter’s … that involves some 900 products!
From pies and pastries to bacon and beans, from chips and peas to meats and cheese, from flap jacks and cookies to desserts and drinks, we supply goods fresh as a daisy to fast food outlets, fish bars, restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, independent retailers, schools, hospitals and hotels throughout the country.

So we’re not just a pretty pie company.

Have a look around and see what you think.


We know what it’s like when you really fancy a good pie.

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The difference with Peter’s is not only in our innovative fillings, but also in the taste and quality.

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Peter’s pasties taste better – because of our ingredients – all good quality meat, chicken and vegetables wrapped up in great flaky, crumbly, golden, melt in your mouth pastry.

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